Nagaland Lottery Results

As you all know that Lottery is a game of luck, and therefore there is no guaranteed way or strategy to win. There were many lotteries in India and lots of lottery scam too. In order stop scam the state governments stopped many of them and still few sate has lottery system which running under government control .There is no secret formula that can give you a promised result, be it Nagaland Lottery or any other state lottery. But there is one way you can move a step closer to the win. That is by choosing a reputable source dealing with international money. Moreover, it is entirely legal for you as well as for the citizens of the entire country. We don’t sell lotteries; we are here to publish the daily lottery results. 

Sambad Lottery Results

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Nagaland State Lottery Results

Lottery Sambad is Just a lottery name nothing else. It combines various lottery results of Indian Government such as- Sikkim Lottery, Nagaland State Lottery, Manipur State Lottery Etc.

Timing of Lottery Sambad Results

  • 11.55am
  • 4.00 Pm
  • 8.00 Pm


As per regulatory conditions, Kerala lotteries can be sold to any citizen of India or any national. Whereas it is demanding to handover the ticket within the state boundaries. That means, a traveler from Delhi or Mumbai can purchase tickets in his trip to Kerala. No ticket should be sold beyond the boundaries of the state.